Thomasville Leaders Mean Business

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The newly formed Business Action Council says its mission is to make the Rose City a better place to work and live.

This self-proclaimed grassroots organization, whose goal is to work with local government, got a chance to meet with Councilman Roy Campbell.

Ed Titus, spokesperson, says, "What we hope is to further enhance how we can get along with local government, make it more efficient for the citizens of Thomasville."

The question and answer session between the Business Action Council and Councilman Roy Campbell tackled issues on both sides in an effort to see eye to eye. This was the first meeting between the BAC and Campbell.

Roy Campbell says, "Our city prides itself on treating all of our citizens as customers, not just as voters, so I think the concerns they have will be met and satisfied. A lot of them have been taken care of."

The Business Action Council says its mission remains the same. The group spokesperson says the group is interested in working with local government to better the quality of life in the Rose City.

A spokesperson with the Business Action Council says that they are working on a Web site for concerned citizens. He adds that the group continues to meet Wednesdays at noon at The Plaza.