Leon County School Gets Extra Layer of High-Tech Protection

The School of Arts and Sciences is installing a computer program that checks for registered sex offenders in a matter of minutes by simply scanning a state issued ID, like a driver's license. School officials can find out whether the delivery man looking to come on campus or school volunteer is a registered sex offender.

The School of Arts and Sciences was recently named one of the top schools in the country. It's also leading the pack when it comes to school security.

Come this fall, visitors to the school will instantly be screened against 42 state sex offender registries with the installation of V-Soft, a Web based visitor tracking application.

No ID, no entry. Local law enforcement say the technology takes school security to a new level, adding another tool to the arsenal.

LT William Fair of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "Not a huge problem in Leon County, but providing knowledge and training programs like this gives us another tool to provide safety in school."

The School of Arts and Sciences is the first in Leon County to add the extra measure, but more could follow.

The software can also screen for individuals with restraining orders, custody issues and more. It will help with student pickup and drop-off, keeping records right on hand.

The system costs roughly $1,500 to install and $432 every year to maintain, a small price to pay for safety.