Delta Grounds Some Tallahassee Flights

Delta Airlines is staring bankruptcy in the face. In an effort to cut expenses and increase revenue, Delta Airlines announces it is dropping two daily flights in Tallahassee.

Shari Vandergast, a frequent Delta Airlines flyer, says, "I think it's very unfortunate. Actually, today I was just told that they cancelled three flights. I travel for work and I was hoping to get out of here."

Delta's second quarter losses are more than $380 million. With one less arrival and departure, the financially strapped airline looks to save jet fuel and operating costs.

The 5:45 a.m. flight from Tallahassee and the 11:17 p.m. flight from Atlanta will be stopped. Tallahassee Regional Airport administrators say the changes will have minimal impact to the airport and its passengers.

Philip Inglese, Assistant Director of Aviation for Tallahassee Regional Airport says, "Delta also has the Cincinnati hub connections to where they can carry their passengers, as well as direct service to JFK. We also have US Airways, Continental, and Northwest Airlines that have a number of overlapping and similar destinations that Delta has."

Dropping the flights boils down to supply and demand. Right now, Delta officials say keeping them is just not fiscally feasible.

We are told the two flight suspensions are temporary. When the flights will return is unclear.