Standardized Procedure

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For some students, standardized tests like the FCAT are a breeze, but for many others the FCAT is a source of stress.

In an attempt to relieve that pressure, the Florida Department of Education has a new plan to help parents and students prepare for the test.

DOE has posted the reading and math exams taken by tenth graders last year on the Internet, along with the answers.

Rocky Hanna, Leon High School Principal, says, "First and foremost, it's going to relieve a lot of anxiety that students and parents have going into the test."

DOE says the questions for the online test will never be used again, so memorizing the answers won't work, but parents and students are still advised to check it out.

Stacy Fabrega, a Leon High School English teacher, says, "I think the best thing they can do is go on and see what is expected of their child. I get a lot of questions from parents about what is on the FCAT, how can I study with my child, and if they can see a past FCAT so they can practice."

Because these questions are now obsolete, practice won't necessarily make perfect in this case, but DOE reports the online exam will look and feel like the actual test, which should help students at least get familiar with the test.

Online versions of the fourth and eighth grade FCAT tests will be posted later this year.