Quincy Code Crackdown

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Amid homes with well manicured lawns sits this home with overgrown shrubs and unkempt lawn. It's a sight that several Quincy commissioners want to get rid off.

They're asking the city's code enforcement officials to enforce the ordinance and expedite liens to send a strong message.

Arleen Houston, Quincy's Director of Building and Planning, says, "Recently the commission had asked the city attorney to work with the code enforcement officers to see where we can look at places, where we can decrease that time frame and still comply with Florida statutes."

Houston says more than 100 homes are in violation with the city's ordinance. The house on Clark Street is abandoned, and pieces of wood adorn its windows.

Just around the corner old junk cars line the grass, forming permanent lawn ornaments.

Residents also want city officials to do something about overgrown lots. Neighbors fear it's the perfect breeding ground for snakes.

Quincy city officials say residents who receive a code violation should abate the nuisance or risk paying some steep fines. Those residents can expect to pay $250 per day for violations. Repeat offenders will pay $500 per day. Also, a lien can be imposed on their home.