Georgia Tax-Free Holidays

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Floridians have been enjoying the tax-free savings for several days. Now starts Georgia's sales tax holiday. It can seem like a challenge to even the savviest shopper: which state offers the best deals this weekend, Georgia or Florida?

While both states offer discounts on clothes and school supplies, parents want to find the best deals.

Kelly Call says, "I've got three kids and it's very expensive to do all your back-to-school shopping, and with the tax break it just really helps save money."

Georgia's tax holiday has a $100 cap on single clothing items, while Florida's is $50. For school supplies, Georgia includes items less than $20, while Florida only includes items less than $10.

Rhonda Barnes of the Lake Park Chamber of Commerce says, "We've done a little bit heavier advertising this year than the state of Georgia has ever done in the past, so we certainly are counting on pulling some of our Florida market as well as south Alabama."

In addition to the sales tax break, many stores are offering additional sales on many of their products, promoting a tax-free, guilt-free weekend. It's a weekend many retailers say they rely on to boost traditionally slower summer month sales.

Lynn Raby, Nine West manager, says, "Back-to-school and tax-free weekend is one of the biggest weekends of the year for retail, so we're hoping to pull in a lot of traffic from that and get our name out."

And with the state's economy getting back on track, state leaders are hopeful the tax holiday will once again be back next year.

State officials estimate the holidays will save shoppers about $38 million in Florida and $17 million in Georgia.