New Inhalant Abuse Danger

Kids are using cans of aerosolized computer keyboard cleaner to get high. It's called "dusting" from the cleaning brand "Dust Off." Despite warning labels, it's becoming popular.


Robert L. Carton, a substance abuse counselor, says, "Because they can get it. Anything a kid can get and they've heard something that will do something, it's interesting, it's exciting. They don't have to get an adult to buy it."

"Dusting" is similar to "huffing." That's when a person sniffs common household products like paint, glue and polish remover.

SGT Chris Chase of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "There's always a new fad and it seems to be every year is different. One year it was paint, the next it was Freon. We actually had a death in Tallahassee from Freon huffing; a young man died."

Dusting, huffing, just call it dangerous.

Carton adds, "What it does is it replaces the oxygen in the brain. It acts on the brain, creating a high of euphoria through anoxia, or cutting off the oxygen supply to the brain, creating brain damage. It rapidly affects the higher functioning areas of the brain."

Experts say the only way to fight inhalant abuse is for parents to teach their kids to say no. Dusting has already been implicated in at least three deaths nationwide.