Thomasville Teachers Take Part in Training Session

Thomasville city school teachers returned to class Thursday. It's a role reversal of sorts.

Just days away from the start of a new school year, Thomasville city school teachers gladly played the part of pupils.

Sharon Cernogorsky, a teacher, says, "I enjoyed it, I enjoyed it. I always think we should be lifelong learners."

Thursday's activities are part of the Thomasville city school system's back-to-school training. Training was highlighted by speaker, Dr. Max Thompson, who developed the system's new learning focused schools model.

The daylong training is a real benefit for teachers new to the school system.

Iris Carter, a teacher, says, "Learning about the things we have to do for the new school year and moving towards the new standards that are going to be implemented in Georgia next year. I'm learning a whole lot, and I'm planning on using it all."

And even those who are classroom veterans.

Alicia Dickey, a teacher, says, "I've been teaching twenty-five years, and it's always important to go through training. I don't think we ever stop learning. We don't expect our students to stop learning, and so I think it's important to see new theories and new ideas in education and keep up with them."

With the start of classes just days away, Thomasville city school teachers say they're ready for the start of a new school year when the doors behind me, and others like them around the area, open again august first.

Students in Thomasville, Thomas County and Grady County all return to classes on the first of August.