Fatal Boating Accident

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Piney Z Lake can be a picture of serenity, but Saturday night the lake turned out to be deadly for 48-year-old Bruce Ling of the Chaires Community.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says Ling went fishing at Piney Z Lake Saturday morning, but didn't return home when expected.

Investigators with FWCC say Ling's family was worried when he didn't return, and it was made worse when his truck was found by the lake.

Fish and Wildlife and Leon County sheriff's deputies began searching for Ling around the Piney Z subdivision.

"Around 1 a.m. I heard a helicopter and it kept waking me up and I heard it for a good two hours circling the area, so I knew something wasn't right," said Piney Z resident Elena Hale.

Officers say they found Ling's aluminum boat overturned in Piney Z Lake, and at around 5 o'clock Sunday morning they recovered Ling's body from the lake.

The FWCC says they are completing a routine investigation in Ling's death even though a medical examiner has already ruled it an accidental death.