Mr. Food: Cranberry - Peach Cooler

Cold drinks are a must for hot summer days and nights, and if we’re entertaining, instead of the same old beers and wines, here’s an adults-only refresher that tastes like liquid sunshine!

It mixes up in a snap like this: using any brands, in a blender, we combine a drained can of sliced peaches, 2 cups cranberry juice, 1/2 cup rum, 2 teaspoons sugar and 2 cups ice cubes. Okay, give it a whirl and blend till it’s nice and frothy. Pour it into glasses, look how creamy that is.

Now top each one with a maraschino cherry or maybe even a fresh peach slice for garnish. Wow, wow! And sure, if we prefer a non-alcoholic version, we can leave out the rum and add 1/2 cup more of cranberry juice, but either way, instead of our same old routine, when we pass around these refreshing not-too-sweet, not-too-tart coolers with a little kick or without, we’re gonna have a patio party with a new pizzazz!

And if you’d like the recipe, get it at the click of a mouse online now, or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, marked “Cranberry-Peach Cooler,” to me, Mr. Food, here at the station for a summertime sensation we can make so easily that tastes as luscious as a ray of sunshine.

Yup, our place is the place to be in summer 'cause there’s always some refreshingly smooth "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"