Pre-K Preps

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It's crunch time for Florida's free pre-k program. Come next week one third of the providers will open their doors to thousands of four-year-olds.

Warren May of the Agency of Workforce Innovation says, "Pretty busy so far with last minute preps around the state signing up parents and providers to program."

So far, nearly 89,000 four-year-olds have been signed up. That leaves nearly 6,000 spots open, but state officials expect those slots to go quickly.

May says, "Many providers said if they need to they will add another class if they have to. We aren't concerned about shortage."

Qawi Smith is the father of four children, including a four-year-old boy. He says the program is a great tool both financially and academically.

Qawi says, "Financially helps out because I won't have to pay for day care, and he gets a head start."

It’s a head start he hopes will send his four-year-old to the head of the class. Six hundred one kids have registered in Leon County for the voluntary pre-kindergarten along with 84 providers.

Officials want to remind parents: don't assume you are enrolled unless you have a certificate. Certificates are picked up in person.