Fine Dining, Quitman Style

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A hot order of fried cheese is just one of many appetizers that has folks flocking to the Quitman Steak and Seafood Grill.

Grill owners say they are thrilled to have been embraced both by locals and by folks around our region during their first year of business.

Suellen Dell, restaurant owner, says, "This is my attempt, along with a lot of other merchants here, to help bring people here, and it’s proving to do that because every day in our restaurant you can find people from Madison, Thomasville and Valdosta."

All those customers have allowed this business to hire 35 employees who say they are thrilled to have this kind of opportunity in their hometown.

"Regular customers here at the Quitman Steak and Seafood Grill say this one restaurant has helped change the future of downtown Quitman, and they say it’s also helping bring new economic hope to the community."

Toney Shiver, a regular customer, adds, "It’s also provided a facility with good food, great atmosphere and just a really comfortable place to be."

Suellen Dell says, "I see the people getting hope that Quitman has a chance to survive, that it's growing, that things are turning around.

As the people of Quitman continue to spread the word, this restaurant and this community can only hope to benefit from the people it attracts.

The steak and seafood grill is easy to find; it's part of the renovated downtown located right on Highway 84.