Sprucing Up the Parks

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The city of St. Marks has two parks that boast a river, ideal for those who wish to spend a lazy day on the waterways. Hurricane Dennis’ fury destroyed a few of the park's fixtures, forcing a loading dock into the river and damaged buildings.

But help is on the way.

The city received two checks totaling$ 400,000 to give those parks a facelift.

Chuck shields, St. Marks Mayor, says, "We just have to see what the state funding with FRDAP is so that we can use some of this money or use additional money to repair what was damaged. We had one of our docks that floated up and moved 90 degrees from where it was."

St. Marks officials say they'll use some of that money to spruce up the parks. Visitors can expect to see a new restroom and park benches to accommodate those who enjoy the great outdoors.

Rep. Will Kendrick, (D) North Florida, says, "A lot of these counties are capped in the 10 million range, and they have no other taxes they can go forth to build these top facilities, and it's important that we offer the opportunity to our youth and older citizens and these monies are well deserved."

Now that money will go back into the area, restoring nature's backyard and bringing more tourists to the coastal community.

Madison County and several cities received a combined total of $325,000 in FRDAP grant money.