Super Summer Celebratory Sendoff

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The summer heat doesn't seem so bad if you have a hot dog and a cold drink. The Tallahassee Housing Authority provided the good eats and a whole lot of fun.

Miles Davis said, "To be out here it's fun, outrageous, crazy. We're getting free stuff."

Tallahassee Housing Authority's “Community Activity Day” brought smiles to the young faces. Local youngsters converged on the Pinewood Place Community Center for the event.

Activities were plentiful, but one seemed to have everyone talking.

Housing Authority employees say they're just as happy to be part of the fun.

Charlayne Whitaker said, "It's just a fun activity for all the kids and they're having a lot of fun."

The Tallahassee Housing Authority says this is the first time they've held the event, and from the looks on these smiling faces, the community activity day was a success.

Organizers say the community activity day was such a big success that they're considering making it an annual event.