Eyewitness Takes Stand in Tallahassee Murder Trial

The prosecution's key witness took the stand Friday morning, the only one who came face to face with Meyer in the seconds after the crime.

Brandy Goddard, an eyewitness, says, "I stepped outside for a smoke break before my lunch break and heard someone screaming."

Brandy Goddard said she has tried to forget what she saw at Market Square that day last March, but it's still very vivid.

Brandy says, "Walking out of the bathroom door he had a knife in his right hand. As he was walking away he pulled his jacket up in the back and tucked it into the back waistband of his pants."

Meyer is accused of stabbing Fred Parker 11 times that day. Goddard is the only witness who saw him leaving the men's room that day and would later pick Meyer out of a photo lineup.

Goddard says, "I am positive this is the person I saw."

Meyer's attorney tried to poke holes in Goddard's testimony, pointing out she only saw Meyer for a matter of seconds and the knife confiscated from Meyer's hotel room didn't have the wooden handle she described to police, but Goddard stood firm in fingering Meyer as the man she saw leaving the restroom with knife in hand.

Also on the stand Friday, lunch customers at Tally's Grill who described Parker stumbling into the restaurant clutching his throat and bleeding profusely. Neither saw who stabbed him.

Testimony in the case will resume on Monday.