Wakulla County Drug Bust

A routine patrol by a Wakulla County Sheriff's Deputy ended in the arrest of three Crawfordville Residents and the confiscation of narcotics and thousands of dollars.

It happened around midnight Thursday night when a Wakulla County Sheriff Deputy noticed an F-150 parked in the deserted parking lot near a Crawfordville beach.

When the deputy approached the vehicle, the smell of marijuana was overpowering.

A small amount of cocaine, remnants of marijuana and over nine hundred dollars were found in the vehicle.

Jason Metcalfe, Dawn Kendall and Joey Robison were arrested and charged with possession of narcotics.

After receiving permission from Metcalfe, authorities searched his home where fourteen grams of cocaine, a scale, drug paraphernalia, ecstasy and other pills, marijuana, over $13,000 as well as Metcalfe's personal safe were recovered.

The Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says it will bring the safe to their maintenance department because Metcalfe couldn't remember the password.

"During the Judicial process we are hoping that a total $14,000 will be turned over to law enforcement and we will be able to take drug money, buy additional drug equipment," says Major Maurice Langston from the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office.

Metcalfe, Kendall and Robison are currently in custody.

Metcalfe's bond is set for over $200,000 dollars.

Kendall and Robison's bail is set for $2,500 each.

Major Langston says the Wakulla County Narcotics Division was currently in an eight month investigation with Metcalfe when the drug bust occurred.

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