Parking Ticket Volunteers

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Tallahassee police need your help writing tickets to illegal parkers, but would you want to do it?

The fine in Tallahassee is $250 for anyone caught parking illegally in a handicapped space.

Sharon Ofuani, the director of the city's Equity and Workforce Development Department, says, "We've had about 25 people express an interest, so certainly you'd better watch out and not park in those spaces."

During an eight-hour training, volunteers will learn everything they need to know.

Tallahassee Police OFC John Newland adds, "What we want them to do is write the ticket, take a picture of the violator and just leave the ticket on top of the car."

The question is: would you want to do it?

"I think the community would do something like that and I think those with disabilities would appreciate it if they knew there was enforcement going on," says resident Daniel Moore.

"I just think some people would get trigger happy writing tickets, writing one whenever they felt like it. I know the people I hang out with would," says resident Chris Emmanuel.

Resident Brittany Allen thinks the program is a great idea to stop those who violate the handicap decal.

"If you just see someone who doesn't need it, they're just taking advantage of it, visiting their grandma's, that's not right."

The goal of the program, which has gone on about 10 years now, is to allow the community to keep itself accountable.

Those interested in the volunteer parking program can contact Janet Hinton at 850-891-8290. The deadline to apply is September 30.