Moonshine Operation

A moonshine operation discovered in rural south Georgia is blown to pieces. It's just one of many busts made this month in Echols County alone.

Echols County Sheriff Randy Courson says the two moonshine shine stills were large, not the largest he's seen, but still a good size.

It's an important discovery for the Sheriff's Office because deputies say the stills had probably been operating for close to a decade.

It was an operation put to a halt by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's bomb disposal until late Friday night.

"It's a decent size still. We have seen larger, but it'll run off a lot of liquor. It'll give off a good quantity of liquor and they turn around and package it in five gallon jugs and they sell it," added Sheriff Courson.

The sheriff says moonshine typically runs about 55-75 dollars for a five gallon jug. It's the latest of several drug related busts for the Sheriff's Office.

While you might think Echols County is earning itself a bad reputation, folks in the community disagree.

Resident Bob Wise said, "I think it’s giving Echols County a good name because our Sheriff's Department is on top of everything. I think these other counties have just as much trouble as we have; they just can't find it as easy as we can."

And it's the hunting clubs that seem to be getting the sheriff's utmost attention.

"When hunting season is not in, anyone who has a key to the club has free reign of the club and they can go in there anytime and they feel safe behind the gate," said Sheriff Courson.

But the sheriff says it’s a false sense of security, because after all, he has a key as well. The sheriff says he and his deputies routinely patrol the various hunting clubs looking for any type of illegal activity.

The sheriff says it’s simply a matter of time before those arrests are made.