SW Georgia Technical College Helps With Katrina Aid

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When "Hands on Thomas County" asked the community to get involved in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, a local college answered the call.

Southwest Georgia Technical College committed to stocking 10 FEMA trailers with everything a family would need to start anew. It cost about $450 to stock each trailer.

With the help of faculty, staff and students, the college met its goal.

Sheryl Sealy, a marketing specialist, says, "The community has supported us in so many ways and we want to support the community where we can, and sometimes your community is a little bit further than you think, and those Gulfport neighbors of ours, they might be there to help us when we need it."

Tim Robinson, faculty advisor for student council, says, "It shows that the people in this community here at Southwest Georgia Technical College care about their fellow people, willing to go out and help and make sure people get the help they need."

The boxes contain food, personal hygiene and paper products, kitchen supplies, towels, linens and a letter of encouragement.