Taxing Questions in Wakulla County

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Tax breaks or tax burdens, Wakulla County commissioners will decide Tuesday night.

A final budget hearing will take place in Crawfordville. It all starts at 6 p.m. in commission chambers. It looks like most of the county will get a break! Tightening the belt is a tough task in a county that's bursting at the seems.

Sheriff David Harvey says, "We need more health care benefits, only asking for one more deputy sheriff."

Sheriff Harvey says the needs outweigh the wants at his facility and the county agrees. That's why an additional $700,000 will likely go to public safety.

Other pricey requests come from the property appraiser, the tax collector, and local parks, but perhaps the best news coming from County Administrator Parrish Barwick will affect those with one primary residence.

Barwick says homestead exemption makes up 80 percent of the county, which means you get a tax break. However, that's not the case for many new and second home buyers.

Parrish Barwick says, "Those individuals will see drastic increases. I've heard reports of 100 percent to 400. I can't document it, but I've heard people talking.”

Those same people are expected to heat up commission chambers as they argue their case to lower the millage rate even more than 8.25 mills, something Barwick says is virtually impossible to do.