Reservist Killed

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DEP Lisha Davis worked with the Gadsden Sheriff's Office and was excited about finally getting her chance to become a full-time resource officer next week, but her life was tragically cut short.

Tallahassee police were called to a shooting Sunday night on the south side of town. Authorities say DEP Lisha Davis and her estranged husband, Ervin Davis, were involved in a domestic dispute that quickly turned violent.

John Newland of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "He went to the house last night at 1226 Hutchinson Street and confronted Ms. Davis and got into an argument. During the argument he pulled out a gun and shot Ms. Davis who ultimately passed away at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital."

Police say DEP Davis was shot in front of their two children ages four and seven, and a male friend.

Following the shooting, Ervin Davis left the scene, fleeing to Georgia, but was eventually captured near the Florida-Georgia line.

DEP Davis was one of Gadsden’s shining stars who was looking forward to a bright career in law enforcement.

Morris Young, Sheriff of Gadsden County, says, "She was excited about her law enforcement career and we were going to give her that opportunity next week to go full-time."

Those who worked with DEP Davis say in her short three month stint on the job she left a mark in the community as a person who wanted to make a difference, particularly in the school settings as a resource officer.

LT Edward McWhite of the Gadsden Sheriff's Office says, "She was a person I felt like could have done quite a bit of crime prevention work, working with the children, it will be a loss by losing DEP Daniels."

Ervin Davis is currently in the Leon County Jail, charged with first degree murder and attempted first degree murder.