Georgia Cashes in on Tax-Free

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It was a race against the clock to find the best sales and savings all tax-free, but the tax holiday has officially ended in the Peach State, and now that some of the dust has cleared it looks like greater Valdosta came out on top.

Bubba Campbell, Belks regional store manager, says, "Our traffic was real good. The numbers are coming out and it looks like we'll probably exceed last year's sales."

Sales proving local dollars were spent at home, an important goal for a metro community looking to boost its local economy.

Jud Rackley of the Valdosta Chamber of Commerce says, "When you're in a progressive and growth-oriented community, if you don't see increases in sales, then you're not making the progress you really should be making and that you want to make."

It’s all part of the Think BIG Campaign, getting folks to buy in greater Valdosta. Business leaders say the tax-free weekend was the perfect incentive.

Tom Stalvey, Valdosta's 2005 BIG thinker, says, "We have a lot to offer and we need to make sure we are getting the word out so people know and understand what we're trying to do and that the opportunities are here."

And with all signs pointing toward another successful holiday, the metro Valdosta economy certainly came out on top.

Final numbers for Georgia's sales tax holiday won't be out for another couple of weeks.