Cleaning Up After Dennis

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From Styrofoam cups to filthy plates, there's plenty of debris lurking here, the kind you'd expect to find at a landfill.

A usually pristine and peaceful landscape has become a battle zone. It's the natives versus the outlaws: wildlife versus trash.

At first glance the Wakulla and St. Marks Rivers seem normal, but look closer and you'll see why one canoe shop manager is calling for action.

The manager of T&T Hideaway, Robby Baker, is hosting a river cleanup. The process is easy. Simply hop on a canoe paddle and grab. Even a news reporter can do it!

The bigger the find, the better. When they come back with full bag of debris we give them 25 percent off for the day, but don't put yourself in harm’s way. Some throw-away items are simply too large to tow. Instead, stick to the little stuff that clutters the banks.

By the end of the day you feel a sense of accomplishment when you count up all your findings. I can say I've never had this much fun picking up trash! All boats are welcome to participate in the river cleanup that lasts all week.