Florida Consumers and Retailers Satisfied With Sales Tax Holiday

We're talking about the state's just concluded sales tax holiday. Monday, retailers began assessing the impact. There's nothing like getting something for nothing, but if that's not an option, getting it for a discount is the next best thing.

For the last nine days of July, Florida shoppers were given a sales tax break on items like clothes, books and school supplies for less than $50.

The Florida Retail Federation says the state Legislature decided something had to be done to give back to the taxpayer, and a strategically timed tax free holiday became the answer.

John Rogers says, "They figured the sales tax holiday would be a good way to do it. It would help people who could use the break on back to school items."

But this year it wasn't just about students and back to school items. Retailers are reporting plenty of shoppers who are no longer in school were out in the stores for everything but school supplies.

Official numbers won't be in for several weeks, but retailers are already hailing this year's tax holiday an overwhelming success.

Lisa Lewis says, "We did see an increase in traffic. Each year it gets more popular."

John Rogers adds, "It has gone over exceptionally well."

The state says this nine-day state sales tax holiday is estimated to save consumers $38 million.. Floridians were also given a sales tax break in June on certain hurricane supplies.

Revenue officials say neither holiday will negatively impact the state budget.