Back to School in Some Georgia Counties

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Depending on what kind of student you are, it's a day you either love or hate, but like it or not, Monday was the first day of school for students in Thomas County.

Ringing in a new school year, students and parents at Thomasville's Macintyre Park Middle School braved the early morning fog and said their good-byes.

Renee Broadway, a parent, said, "I always get the jitters. I’m always a lot more nervous than my daughter; at least I didn't cry today."

Monday also marked the first day for Thomas County's new middle and hand-in-hand schools on the North Bypass. As expected, the new schools did cause traffic back-ups for parents, a problem school officials say will improve with time.

Sylvia Wimberly, a parent, said, "The traffic is not as bad. They've done real good, and the building, it's amazing. It's big, it's huge, but they did real good. They did a nice job."

As students return to Thomasville's Macintyre Park Middle and other schools across the area, parents say it's a time of year they look forward to with high expectations for a new school year.

Denise Armster, a parent, said, "The streets are busy, the students are busy, they're excited, I'm excited; I know a lot of the parents are excited."

With the first day under their belt, Thomas County and Thomasville students led the way in to a new school year, and students around the area aren't far behind.

Along with students in the Thomas County and Thomasville City School systems, students in Grady County also returned to classes Monday.

Students in Lowndes County start back August 3. In Florida, Leon and Gadsden County schools start back August 15.