Victim's Son Takes Stand in Tallahassee Murder Trial

The prosecution put several witnesses on the stand. They're trying to piece together what happened to Fred Parker on that March afternoon and the events leading up to his murder.

The second day of testimony started with the prosecution putting the medical examiner on the stand. Dr. Margaret Neil performed Fred Parker's autopsy. She explained to the jury each of the 11 stab wounds and the abrasions she found on Parker, saying there were signs of a struggle.

"Did you find defensive wounds on his body?"

"I did."

"And where would that be?"

"He had bruising on the back of his left, lower arm and on the left hand, the back of it."

Prosecutors also brought out the knife found in David Meyer's hotel room after his arrest.

"If you would've had to draw a picture of the wounds, would you draw a picture of this knife?

“Yes," Dr. Neil said.

Investigators were also called to stand. One of them was Berkely Clayton.

"Is there anyone other than the defendant for the murder of Mr. Parker?

“No sir.”

"Did you look at any witnesses tying anyone other than Mr. Parker for the murder of Julius Parker?

“No sir.”

“I don't have anything further."

The most emotional testimony came from one of the Tally Grille customers who tried to save Parker in the last moments of his life.

Jonathan Stout, the Tally Grille customer, said, "Just got by in what seemed to be a comfortable position for him and just started praying for him.”

“Praying out loud?”


Also on the stand Monday were Motel Six employees. That's where David Meyer was arrested a few days after the murder and where the employees say he had stayed in the days before.

Testimony will continue Tuesday morning.