Cascades Park Cleanup

Cascades Park is one of the reasons Tallahassee's first settlers made the area home, but then an old landfill and other contaminants condemned the park for decades.

Now, the park is about to reborn. The city of Tallahassee is reaching an agreement with WRS Infrastructure to clean up the park.

The cost at $7.8 million is one $100,000 less than a previous contract with another company.

More than half the bill will be picked up by the state of Florida.

Michelle Bono, Tallahassee Assistant City Manager, says, "The bottom line benefit is we're going to have this beautiful new park we can further develop, this is not turning it into a park, this is the clean up so land is ready for development."

If the commission approves the agreement during Thursday’s meeting, cleanup will begin in 90 days. It's expected to take about 180 days to complete the job.