Not Over Yet

There are still two months left in hurricane season and local emergency management leaders don't want you to forget that.

Leon County's Emergency Operations Center director, Richard Smith, is still sitting on the edge. It's quiet now, but with two months left in hurricane season, he's not ready to let his guard down yet.

Richard Smith says, "This is the time of year we start to see a little more activity in the Gulf of Mexico, some storms form down there that could not come our way, so we just want people to be prepared and have a plan."

His mind goes back to November 1985 with Hurricane Kate and October 1995 with Hurricane Opal. Both storms wreaked havoc on our area. He wonders what's to come and hopes his north Florida neighbors are prepared.

The Red Cross works day in and day out for that.

Chris Floyd says, "It's just a matter of time before we have our own area own Andrew or own Katrina or worse, right here in the north Florida area."

Floyd's message is if you don't have an evacuation plan or a disaster preparedness kit, now's the time to get one. If you do, now's the time double check.

The Leon County Commission will soon be taking another look at their preparedness plan at a special workshop in two weeks.

Jennie Kohen, PIO of the Leon County Commission says, "They wanted to take immediate action and get refreshed on what our plan is and also educate the public on what our plan is so there are no surprises."

So there will be another look at the disaster plan, but no sigh of relief until November 30.