Children Living in Poverty

Poverty can lead to repercussions to child development. Statistics released by a consortium of federal agencies found that after five years of improvement, child poverty in the United States is getting worse.

Rev. John F. White, II, pastor, says, "Living in the vicious rent cycle; I see people every day who come trying to get assistance to pay light bills or just falling on hard times. They bring their children in."

Federal figures recently released show 13 million children live in poverty. Experts say these findings could hamper children's progress in areas like self-esteem, health and education.

Rosa Pickett, a former educator, says, "A child who comes to school who has not been well fed, physically or any other way, is not going to be prepared to keep up. He's not going to be prepared to be as attentive in class as he could be."

Advocate Dorothy Inman-Johnson says a cut to federal funding plays a huge role in the nation's high level of poverty, especially for Florida.

Dorothy says, "We should be right up there at fourth highest allocation in the nation in terms of those dollars. Instead, the community services block grant, Florida is dead last in per capita dollars received."

Pastor White says the community should to stick together and help children and families in need.