Recycling Program in Thomasville

The clock is ticking for the Solid Waste Department in Thomasville.

The city has until the end of the week to apply for a grant to the Georgia environmental authorities. With this grant money, the city of Thomasville hopes to open more recycling facilities in an effort to keep the city shining bright.

Nathaniel Tyler, the director of Solid Waste in Thomasville, says, "A grant funding and drop-off center seems to be the best way to get smaller towns and cities like ourselves into recycling. It's the right thing to do, but it's also an expensive process."

Kathyrn Vann from Vann Communications adds, "We would be providing the trucks, equipment and labor. The only thing the community would need to provide would be the land space for these recycling bins."

Tyler says the grant will be better spent if they build more drop-off centers, rather than having door-to-door pickups.