Bainbridge Woman Wins Loretta Lynn Contest

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Tina Brock already has big fan club, but it may grow after winning the fourteenth annual Loretta Lynn contest.

Her prize? Appearing on stage with the country legend.

Brock says, "I hope everybody's got pictures because probably after Saturday night I won't believe that it really happened."

A wife and mother of two, Brock's been singing since the age of six.

"It's something she's always wanted to do, and we hope she makes it all the way to the top. We're very proud of her, couldn't happen to a better person," says Brock's parents, Sheila and Danny.

Brock has captured the hearts of many throughout Bainbridge, including the mayor.

Mayor Bill Reynolds says, "She's got a tremendous voice, and she's going to represent us and herself and her family to the top notch."

And many attended the competition, like Donna Lambert.

"One of the judges said not only does she have a wonderful voice, she owned the stage and the audience."

Performing with Loretta Lynn is big, but Brock is already focusing on what comes next.

Brock says, "She's a country legend. If anyone knows how to get there, she'll know what to tell me to do."

And with the support of entire community, the sky is the limit for this rising country star. Brock outlasted 20 competitors over three rounds for the honor. The concert will be October 1 in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.