Katrina: What Went Wrong?

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According to FEMA's former director, Governor Kathleen Blanco is partly to blame for the disaster after Katrina. Another committee grilled Michael Brown Tuesday.

"My mistake was in recognizing that for whatever reason that we might want to discuss later, but for whatever reason, Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco were reticent to order a mandatory evacuation."

Now Blanco is firing back, calling Brown out of touch with reality and claiming she ordered that evacuation two days before Katrina hit the coast. And at his most recent news conference, New Orleans' mayor refused to get into the blame game. But he did point this out.

"We probably evacuated more people during this storm than ever before in the history of this city. Could we have done better? Yes."

Governor Blanco is also using her visit to Washington for quick movement on a new aid package. How badly are jobs needed? Blanco testified that 40 percent of Louisiana’s businesses were washed away by the storms and she stressed most of those were small mom and pop shops that are now virtually bankrupt.