Woman Who Inspired TV Drama Visits Tallahassee

A woman whose life has inspired the TV drama "Sue Thomas: FBEye" was in Tallahassee Thursday.

Deaf since the age of 18 months, the real Sue Thomas learned to speak, play the piano and become a championship ice skater. She was later recruited by the FBI to read lips both on surveillance tapes and stakeouts.

Thomas shared her story with hundreds at the women against multiple sclerosis luncheon Thursday.

Sue says, "We don't know what each day presents for us. Never to give up and to go down as deep as they can by their boot straps, pull themselves up and live life to the hilt."

Thomas has certainly done that. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis four years ago. It's slowly stealing her eyesight, so this deaf woman who counts on her eyes is now learning sign language just in case MS robs her of her sight too.