Crime Stoppers: The Search for Bobbie Tew and Tony Murphy

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Here's your chance to earn up to $1,000 on each of the two cases.

The question: do you know where these two people are right now?

Bobbie Jean Tew was last seen in Gadsden County on April 29. She has two warrants: one for trespassing, the other for felony petty theft.

Crime Stoppers’ Cathy Gardner says, "The family is very concerned because they have not heard from her. They usually hear from her daily. We have information that she frequents the drug areas of Tallahassee."

Tony Lee Murphy is wanted for resisting and officer and felony fleeing.

Kathy McGhin says, "We do believe he is staying in some local hotels in the area. If you work in a hotel, we ask you to call Crime Stoppers.”

The number is 850-891-HELP. Remember Crime Stoppers doesn't want your name, just your information.