A Child Inappropriately Touched Tells

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Leon County deputies are praising a young child. Deputies say the child was brave enough to speak out in a situation where many children remain silent.

Thirty-nine-year-old Harmon Fountain is in the Leon County Jail accused and charged with inappropriate behavior with a child.

SGT Chris Chase of LCSO says, "We responded to a complaint of a child that had been molested. The investigation followed up on the case and we were able to arrest Harmon Fountain, and charged him with capital felony, sexual battery of a child under 12 and failure to register as a sexual offender."

Deputies say the alleged incident happened in south Tallahassee when a child was spending the night with Fountain, who deputies say knows the child's parents.

Investigators say the victim reported Fountain exposed himself and made the child touch him.

SGT Chris Chase says, "It's a very serious crime due to the age of the victim and his status already being a sex offender."

The Sheriff's Office is now praising this young child for bravery.

Kathy Connolly, LCSO victim advocate, says, "This child did the right thing; now other children will be protected from this person."

LCSO says without the victim's courage to come forward, Fountain would still be out, potentially targeting other victims.

Investigators say Fountain has admitted to the allegations made by the child.

Deputies say Fountain was registered as a sex offender in another county, but failed to do so when he moved to Leon County.