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It's not an uncommon sight along Georgia roads and highways: traffic slowed to a near standstill all because of construction projects.

Those projects should be completed faster in the future thanks to an extra $7.5 billion over the next six years. Basically, the federal government is returning more gas tax money to where it was collected in Georgia.

Joel Joseph says, "I think it's great that the money we pay is actually coming back to the state. I mean, that just makes sense actually. If you are spending more, it should be coming back to you to help out."

In the coming years, Georgia will get back more than 90 percent of the federal gas tax money it collects, a significant increase over past years.

There are a variety of road construction projects going on around our region, including the ongoing work to Interstate 75. Local drivers say with this funding change, they remain hopeful that projects like this one can be sped up so they can get home quicker.

Chris Blackwell says, "Hopefully we will, because traffic is getting pretty bad. Sometimes I don't even want to drive home because I hate sitting in traffic."

It’s no doubt a statement most drivers can echo, especially when enduring this kind of traffic on a regular basis. The extra money in the transportation bill should head toward Georgia once President Bush signs it into law.