Day Three of Testimony in Tallahassee Murder Trial

Tuesday, the defense put the accused killer on the stand to testify in his own behalf.

The defense began day three of testimony, calling on several witnesses. One was Market Square store owner Rosemary Brabeck. She says she saw a man who looked like a transient peering into store windows, so she warned her employees.

Soon after what she calls “the incident,” she says she saw that same man walk towards the nearby Motel Six.

Rosemary Brabeck says, "Afterwards there was no staggering at that time, he walked with purpose to leave."

"So, before was without purpose, and after was with purpose?"

"There was definitely purpose."

But the only person who really knows what happened in that Market Square restroom last year is the accused murderer, David Meyers. He took the stand saying he stabbed Parker in self defense because Parker had his arm against his throat after the two bumped into each other.

David Meyers was asked, “At the time you used the knife, did you fear you were going to die?

"Yes, at least something very bad was going to happen to me," he responded.

That's when Meyer says he reached for the knife and blindly stabbed at Parker. During cross examination by the state, Meyer said he left the scene of the crime because he felt no one would believe him. That will now be up to the jury to decide.

Late Tuesday afternoon the defense rested. Closing arguments will be sometime on Wednesday.