Federal Funds for Thomasville's Streetscape Project

The Rose City will receive a portion of that money. The city will use the money to make some needed changes.

The Rose City will receive a piece of the pie, around $248,000 as part of the transportation spending bill. City officials say the money will be used to complete the second phase of the streetscape project.

John Wood, Thomasville city engineer, says, "The main purpose is to tie Madison and Broad together, to bring it into downtown, to encourage business on Madison, to enhance it."

City officials say one of their main goals is to reduce traffic on Madison, making the street more pedestrian friendly.

Sharlene Celaya of the Main Street program says, "We want to hopefully narrow the scope of the street somewhat, put landscaping to slow traffic, and if we can uncover the brick that would be a natural barrier to tell travelers as they're flying into to town when those front wheels hit the brick, I think that'll be an automatic signal to slow down."

The city says it plans to add historic lights, benches, and run power lines utilities underground to achieve a more historic look on Madison, taking it back to the turn of the century.

City officials say the project will cost about a half million dollars; the grant will pay for half and the city will fund the rest.