Free Immunizations

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It's not the sound many parents want to hear, but for health officials around our region, including Lanier County, Georgia, it's the sound of important immunization shots being given to first-time school children.

Experts say these shots go a long way in helping protect our entire community.

Pat Turner, county nurse manager, says, "It does affect you and it affects the whole community. If you're not immunized and your child gets a disease, then passes it on, it's like a domino effect, it affects the entire community."

In addition to the many health benefits the children will receive by getting these shots, parents say they will receive additional peace of mind knowing their kids are protected from a variety of threats the children could be exposed to as they spend more time away from the home.

Carolyn Jones, a mother, says, "I think it's very important because I know my child has been immunized and I won't have to worry about the fear of him catching anything such as meningitis or the chicken pox."

In addition to offering reduced prices for the immunization shots, some health departments are also offering free sight and hearing tests to diagnose other medical problems early.

The immunizations and tests are designed to protect these students and our region from preventable diseases.

While students are required to have the shots before they enter school, medical providers say there have seen some children in their mid-teens who still need the immunizations.