Suspect Arrested for Homeless Man's Murder

The accused killer of a homeless man is returned to Tallahassee. Investigators tracked the suspect down in Georgia.

Fifty-four-year-old Roger Allen Cain, a.k.a. William Sally, is under arrest for
Murder, caught in Henry County, Georgia on Monday.

DET David Graham with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "During an interview, Mr. Cain admitted to murdering Mr. Cox. He gave an account of the incident, which was consistent with the evidence we obtained from the scene."

An anonymous tip led investigators to the July 20 discovery of Earl Paul Cox's body in a wooded area near Timberlane Road.

Larry Campbell, Leon County Sheriff, says, "Detectives in our crime scene unit were able to find signs of a struggle had taken place and found out that the victim at that point had died as a result of a blunt trauma injury to his head."

Detectives say the two men had just met on a street corner and went to the camp site to drink. Then an argument broke out.

DET David Graham adds, "Knocking the victim unconscious while he was on the ground, he binds his feet and uses a weapon to cause the injuries that resulted in Mr. Cox's death."

The weapon is reported to be a piece of wood. Detectives say Cox's pockets were turned inside out and his wallet was on the ground several yards away.

Cain faces charges of murder and robbery.