Firefighters Undergo Search and Rescue Training

Many of the techniques the firefighters are learning are critical in life or death situations. It's called a vertical rescue.

This particular rescue technique will be used to save people from high locations where there are no other options. Basically, life or death situations.

LT Jarvis Bedford of the Tallahassee Dire Department says, "This is one of our areas that's required for our urban search and rescue teams."

Gregg Hellerud of Right Rescue Solutions says, "From a standard response day to day, where this could happen at any time, and they need high angle or confined space rescue capabilities."

Included at the training sessions are firefighters from all over the Big Bend.

SGT Todd Pierce of the Quincy Fire Department says, "As a whole, we've never had anything like this, so this is wonderful for us and it's important to be a part of a team, come over in Tallahassee, this is a great opportunity."

The Tallahassee Fire Department received FEMA grant money to host the urban search and rescue training. Firefighters here say it's being put to great use.

Todd Pierce says, "We're hoping to take this back and develop something countywide for our county and do mutual aid with Tallahassee."

In the upcoming weeks, firefighters will also be training for rescue in confined spaces, extractions and more.