Guilty Verdict in Tallahassee Murder Case

A jury of 12 decided David Meyer's fate Wednesday evening. It took about four hours: guilty of first degree murder in the stabbing death of Tallahassee attorney Fred Parker.

The courtroom was silent as the verdict was read. The Parker family was thankful for the conviction.

Rick Parker, the victim's son, says, "The phenomenal police work by the Tallahassee Police Department all lead to this conviction and we're very pleased, and our heartfelt thanks go out to everybody."

Meyer is convicted of robbing and stabbing Parker 11 times in a Market Square restroom last March. Meyer was arrested at a nearby hotel, the murder weapon found under his pillow.

In closing arguments the prosecution scoffed at Myers’ claim he was acting in self defense.

Frank Allman, prosecutor, said, "If Fred attacked Meyer in the bathroom, why in God's name would he have his wallet in his had when he stumbled into the restaurant?"

Jurors will be back in the courtroom Friday morning to begin the penalty phase of this trial, the outcome which could mean the death penalty for David Meyer.

Because of his conviction, David Parker could face the death penalty.