Georgia Army National Guard Top Recruiter

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Georgia finishes first in the nation in recruiting for the Army National Guard this year. A recruitment officer and new recruits say joining is worthwhile.

Ever since Jonathan Dickson can remember, he's wanted to be a soldier, and now that he's 18, Dickson has joined the Georgia Army National Guard.

Jonathan says, "In the long run you're gonna have a better career. You get more job opportunities out of it. You get the experience of being in different places of the world and meet different people of the world."

For Jason Groves, the decision was easy. He wants to better his life.

Jason says, "It gives you a lot of respect and responsibility to join something like this and basically I wanted to step up my life a little bit higher."

People may be surprised by the success of recruitment during a time of war, but recruiters from the Georgia National Guard say it hasn't stopped people from wanting to join.

SPC Vincent Riche of Recruitment and Retention, NCO, says, "There's no change in it. I mean, people want to serve their country. They want to serve their country, but at the same time they want to serve their community, and that's what the National Guard is; it's community based."

Jonathan Dickson says, "If I go to war, I go to war. That's what you join the service to do."

SPC Riche says it's easy to speak to people about joining the National Guard because of the benefits, including a college program.

For one weekend a month and two weeks a year, you can be a part of something bigger than yourself. The Army National Guard recruits men and women age 40 and younger.