Georgia Joins National Sex Offender Registry

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Georgia is now one of 34 states sharing information about sex offenders on the national registry, giving parents a peak via the World Wide Web at who may be living or moving in next door.

As a mother of three, Dacyl Winterbottom is often on the go, but she says she'll find time to check the registry Web site and make sure her boys are safe wherever they go.

Dacyl says, "When I'm out and about, especially when I'm in public places like the park, even in my own neighborhood as my boys get older and I'm allowing them to go down the street, I would like to know who my neighbors are."

The registry is a database of sex offenders from all registered states. Users simply log on to the Web site, pick a state, search offenders by name or location, and are quickly checking the status of offenders in their community and throughout the country.

SGT Rachelle Denmark of the Thomasville Police Department says, "There's several reasons why people would look on to the computer to see who would be a sexual predator, but regardless, any tool we can get not only as law enforcement, but in the community to help protect ourselves and make this community a safe place, is always a good thing."

The GBI database is the registry's source for Georgia's sex offender information. It’s information that could mean fewer sleepless nights for Georgia parents.

Florida residents already have access to the registry because the Sunshine State is already participating.

Our search of Thomasville on the registry on Monday listed 54 sexual offenders currently living in the Rose City.

National Sex Offender Public Registry: