Teacher Pay Raises for the First Time in 20 Years

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Teacher salaries are about to become more competitive in Gadsden County.

It's been 20 years since the last substantial pay hike. This pay increase is a welcome change in the rural community.

Some 50 new teachers are getting last minute information before heading to their perspective schools. The teachers are some of the brightest and the best who've decided to showcase their skills in Gadsden County, but before they set foot in a classroom these new instructors, as well as current teachers, will be getting a hefty pay raise.

Reginald James, Superintendent, says, "We're trying to recruit teachers, so therefore we needed to do that, so we feel real good about what we've done. We proposed a $1,500 raise across the board and we think it's going to make a positive impact."

It's a positive impact that will make the county competitive. In fact, new teachers in Gadsden County will make $53 less than Leon County teachers and they'll make $3,000 more than those in Jefferson County.

It's a welcome bonus for the profession.

Carmen Murray, a new Gadsden County teacher, says, "I didn't know about it, but I was excited to hear about it. I'm just glad to be here and glad to be in the mix of progression and I think that's going to happen."

Lori Williams, also a new teacher, adds, "I hope to get a great place to raise my son a good job, and I think I found that in the school district. The cost of living is lower here and I just got a pay raise, so that's just brings everything together."

These teachers are hoping with hard work, dedication and this morale boost the county will score high marks in years to come.

Teachers weren't the only ones getting a raise. All School Board employees received a three percent pay raise.