Teen Report: Back-to-School Shopping

Students are using the time to stock up on school supplies.

Aisles upon aisles are stacked with brightly packaged markers, crayons and pencils, hoping to attract the next back-to-school shopper.

Teri Hodge, a Lincoln High School student, says, “We're looking for pencils and notebooks. We found the best ones at Target.”

The Florida tax-free week was a great help for many families, but funds are always an issue during the back to school shopping.

Teri says, “I pay for my back-to-school clothes and my parents pay for the supplies.”

Bradley Bertoniere, a Lincoln High School student, says, "My dad gave me 300 in cash and I've been buying supplies, clothes and things like that. It's been working out great, really saving a lot of money.”

Though the thought of back-to-school shopping in part symbolizes the end of summer, some just like having an excuse to buy new things.

Kristen Kay says, “I think it's one of the best things about school is that you get to get new things.”

Whether you get new pens and pencils, or a new shirt, it appears preparing for a new school year is a lesson in itself, learning how to budget money.

In Leon County, students report to class Monday, August 15. Teachers report for duty Monday morning.