New Chronic Pain Center in Tallahassee

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Chris Cash is no stranger to chronic pain. She came to Dr. Vildan Mullin and his staff for help.

"When I thought I'd have to wait months to get in and see them, it was a week, so I was happy about that," says Cash.

This summer, the Tallahassee Memorial Center for Pain Management opened a clinic. Later this week, the surgery side of things will get started with the first round of operations set for October 14.

For pain sufferers, Dr. Mullin calls it one stop shopping compared to how things were before.

"Patients would come to my office, then they would have to go for an MRI different places. Then we'd have to schedule them for the procedure at TMH outpatient surgery. They were like regular travelers having to go place to place," says Dr. Mullin.

Those living with neck pain, headaches, back pain and nerve injuries, for example, can come here to get the care they need. Dr. Mullin says about 60 to 70 percent of the patients he sees at the center are treated for lower back pain.

Gwen McRae, a center official, says, "We also have recliners, so the patients can relax more. It's just a less stressful setting for the patients."

"We can do all of the injection procedures we do for the nerve blocks. We can also do spinal cord stimulation trials," adds Dr. Mullin.

Center officials say the facility is fully licensed. An open house is scheduled for Tuesday, October 17.