Archbold Memorial Participates in Cardiac Study

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Thomasville's Archbold Memorial Hospital is one of 10 hospitals in Georgia chosen to participate in nationwide cardiac study. It's called the Cardiovascular Patient Outcomes Research Team, or C-PORT study.

For the first time, patients in rural southwest Georgia will have access to cardiac care options like angioplasty and stent placement. Doctors say this is a huge step for Archbold and the community.

Dr. William Ellis, a cardiologist at Archbold Memorial, says, "The whole concept of providing immediate delivery of state of the art care for cardiology is something we've always striven for."

In order to land the study, Archbold needed the help of Thomas County EMS and Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

Ken Brooker, Vice President of Clinical Services, says, "Keep them closer to home to have these procedures done, but having the comfort level of having a surgical backup facility with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and the ambulance service."

Once the east tower is completed in January it'll be the new home for cardiac patients who will no longer have to be transported to other area hospitals for procedures.

Dr. William Ellis adds, "Very convenient for patients and also be very convenient for the families. They won't have to be uprooted and moved, you know, to another city."

Archbold doctors are happy to have Tallahassee Memorial on board as a surgical backup, but say statistics show that only one in 1,000 patients require transport, meaning quality care for patients right in their own backyard.

The three-year study will be monitored by Johns Hopkins and it will also provide research opportunities for Archbold.