Local Residents House Animals in Wake of Hurricane Katrina

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Adjusting to their new surroundings, Skipper the horse and Dixie the retriever are two of Grady County's newest residents.

Al Rehwinkel, who helped rescue the animals, says, "These animals are being fostered for the time being. The horse, for example, we hope to return within six months, but he's currently under vet care and being fed as well, as you can see, plenty of pasture here in Grady County."

Fellow rescuer Michelle Blanchette adds, "They have horse stalls put up at the Municipal Center in Hattiesburg and they're just full of cats and dogs, animals, two and three at a time in each stall, and there's probably 300 stalls and they're all just victims of Katrina."

Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue is paying the medical bills for Skipper's injured hoof. The group teamed up with Big Dog Rescue on their trip to the region, and say they're already planning another visit.

Anyone interested in fostering a pet or making a donation is encouraged to contact Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue at 850-562-3200.