Sapp on Trial: Accused of Ramming Troopers

A man accused of trying to kill a pair of Florida troopers is now on trial.

A string of witnesses took the stand Tuesday as Theron Sapp faces a pair of attempted murder charges. He's accused of trying to run over two troopers with his car.

Theron Sapp was led out of his house in handcuffs last April, accused of fleeing a traffic stop and then trying to run over Florida Troopers Bill Dyer and Tim Roufa during his getaway.

CPL Tim Roufa of the Florida Highway Patrol says, "It had been moving slowly and when I identified myself and made eye contact, the vehicle actually sped up and accelerated. I thought he was going to hit me so I jumped out of the way and when I turned back, I saw Trooper Dyer actually on the hood of the vehicle and I heard shots fired and saw smoke."

Trooper Dyer suffered minor injuries as he tumbled over the hood of Sapp's car.

Jack Campbell, prosecutor, says, "He made the decision that rather than be caught by these law enforcement officers, he was going to use the deadly weapon he was driving. He was going to mash the accelerator."

Sapp's lawyer admitted that Sapp was driving with a suspended license that day and definitely fled from the troopers, but he told jurors Sapp never tried to kill anyone.

Alex Morris, Sapp's lawyer, says, "Mr. Sapp was, again, trying to get away from the police officers. I don't believe that there's going to be any evidence that Mr. Sapp tried to kill anybody. Mr. Sapp was merely trying to get away."

Both sides have rested their cases and the jury has been sent home for the evening. Deliberations will begin Wednesday morning.